Text Portrait Commissions Overview

If you are on this page you are probably wondering how much I charge for commissioned work. Each project is unique and the price of the portrait depends on a number of things:

1. The quality of the original image I am referencing. 2. The level of values you choose. 3. The size of the image. 4. The number of words you choose.


Picture Quality and Values


Option 1 : 5 values

This option will give you a bolder look. I *recommend 5 values if the original image has a low dpi (dots per inch) such as 100 or is an older image.

Size: Price:

6” x 8” $100

8” x 10” $120

10” x 12” $140

*If your image has a higher dpi and you still want option 1 that is okay with me.

Option 2 : 7 Values

This option with give you a bold but slightly more realistic look. Details that would be lost in a higher quality image with Option 1 will be visible with other options. I recommend 7 vales if the original image has an average to high dpi (200-300).

Size: Price:

6” x 8” $140

8” x 10” $160

10” x 12” $180


Option 3 : 9 Values

This option will make some of those harder details softer. The words will also be smaller to give the image a seamless look. I recommend images 300 dpi and over.

Size: Price:

8” x 10” $180

10” x 12” $220

Option 4 : 11 Values

This option will be the most detailed and most realistic out of the 4. Wrinkles and facial hair look amazing with this option.

Size: Price:

8” x 10” $220

10” x 12” $260


Option 5 : 5 Values, With Color Splash

As you can see option 5 has the same bold look of option 1 but with a few colors added in (1-4 colors maximum). Maybe you want your eyes to be in color or you have a photo of yourself like Robert Downey Jr. in and you want your Ironman suit to be in color. This is the option for you.

Size: Price:

6” x 8” $150

8” x 10” $170

10” x 12” $180

The words you choose


I charge extra for the more words you use. The first 4 words are included in any of the options you see above. Each additional set of 4 words is $5. The reason is as the amount of words increases so does the amount of time I spend on the piece. For example, it is a lot quicker to write “I Have A Dream” 1000+ times to make Martin Luther King than it was to write “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believed in Him should not perish but have everlasting life,” 1000+ times to make the portrait of Jesus on the cross.