Final Space : Mooncake

Final Space is a series on TBS that has nuzzled its way to my heart. It was created by Olan Rogers who is most known for his storytelling on his YouTube channel (and of course Final Space). I don't remember how I came across his video "Ghost In The Stalls" but ever since then I've been a fan. For six years I have watched, laughed, rejoiced, and cried because of his stories, sketches, and life updates. 


Final Space just wouldn't be the same without Mooncake. He is adorable, loves to gives hugs, and has the ability to destroy and entire planet. How can all that power come in such an adorable package? Well you'll just have to watch the show to find out. 

The background says "Final Space" in various shades of blue. 

Mooncake is made out of his name and his catchphrase "Chookity Pok". What does it mean? Probably somewhere along the lines of "Hug me."