The First Seven

The First Seven

At first it was relatively easy coming up with ideas. Days 1 and 2 I was clear, focused, and gave myself plenty of time to execute my vision. Day 3 was a little different. It was a Sunday and it was also my sister's 27th birthday and we went out for dinner after church. By the time I got home I was in a race against the clock to get an idea and draw it. Time management is something that has been tested during this journey. The more days I look at the clock and see I only have an hour to sketch, the more I realize how much time I waste.   

Overall I am probably most fond of Day 1 and Day 7. 

Day 1 because it was the start of everything and I do enjoy drawing monster parts.

Day 7 because of what it means. 

In my book "Burned Soup and Other Uneventful Things" the first image you see is of a poor soul trapped and morphed into a tree. The man warns you from entering because the land you are in is enchanted and uncharted. There is all sorts of dangers and as the sign reads "Here, there be dragons." I've been thinking about that image for the past few months and how I would react to such a sight. In truth, I would probably head home. But, when I made Day 7 I was thinking I would challenge the idea of letting fear stop me from accomplishing my task. I would accept his warning as a challenge just as I challenge the words, "You can't make money being an artist." I would climb up the tree, unsheathe my dagger, carve the words "Here are the slayers," into his pitiful warning and walk toward the danger knowing it was soon to be my territory. 
Be bold. Slay whatever dragons dare to think you are a meal and conquer what lands no one thought you were capable of stepping foot on. Be dedicated. Be passionate. Be incredible. Be a dragon slayer.