Burned Soup And Other Uneventful Things

burned soup.jpg

Most days are completely uneventful. Most days are just there to keep you together, to keep you going. Most days are uninspired. I try not to live like “most days”.
When I think back to the times when I wrote most of this poetry I wish I could tell myself, “It will be okay.” Since I do not have access to time travel and it might cause a paradox or alternate timeline if I do change the past, I’m writing this for you. 
I’m writing this for the scared teenager that I used to be and that I know is in everyone else. I’m writing this for the kid who doesn’t feel like they ever belonged and the adults that still haven’t gotten ahold of adulthood. I’m writing this for the girl who just can’t get that boy out their mind and the boy who is too scared to talk to that girl. 
I’m writing this so you will be inspired. 





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The Art of Worship

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Worship is not a complicated concept but we (the Church) attach complications and misguided ideas to it, and that is why we are not effective. We focus more on presentation and entertainment than we do on God. We focus on programs and schedules rather than a free move of the Holy Spirit. We value repetition and traditions more than we value the soul of another human being. Comfort has become our god. But if we could just get back to basics, if we could truly worship, there would be no stopping the move of God. 
True worshipers understand that praise and adoration of God doesn't just happen inside of church. Worship doesn't just happen when the choir starts singing it comes from within us when we willingly and truly love God. It spills out into every aspect of their lives and they are filled with the utmost joy.
Within this book you will discover what worship means to a hand full of people and how different lives are with and without a worshiping heart.


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