What’s New?

Here is my latest works, videos, and life updates.

The hills we remember

2”x2” Oil Painting


Blue woods

2”x2” Mini Painting

Yellow lake

2”x2” Mini Painting

Pour Painting Chuck II’s

I wanted to make something abstract for this week so I decided on a pour painting on a pair of Chuck II’s. After the pour I added in a small mountain scene similar to my other 2 AM painting series.

To see the others click here.


SuperKid High Tops

Seven years ago my sister Christina published her first book. Within that time frame she wrote 25 more books reaching her massive goal of writing 30 books by her 30th birthday. (She already completed 4 others before publishing Superkid.) So let's all congratulate her on this wonderful achievement!

Here is a link to all of her published books:


Superkid 2.jpg

Cardi B High Tops

My latest custom pair of shoes. This was a commissioned piece with Cardi B on the left sides of the shoes and her catchphrase “Okurrr” on the right sides just below the chuck patch.

Art Review

While working out the details of my next shoe project, I decided to post a review of some of my old artwork. These pieces were made in a class specifically designed to hone your skills for your art college portfolio. I guess it is a good thing I never went to Art School because this stuff is terrible.