What’s New?

My latest custom pair of shoes. This was a commissioned piece with Cardi B on the left sides of the shoes and her catchphrase “Okurrr” on the right sides just below the chuck patch.

Art Review

While working out the details of my next shoe project, I decided to post a review of some of my old artwork. These pieces were made in a class specifically designed to hone your skills for your art college portfolio. I guess it is a good thing I never went to Art School because this stuff is terrible.



Here at Tina’s Text Portraits and Designs I try my very best to give you a piece of art that reflects who you are as customer and who I am as an artist. If you would really love a portrait of your daughter made out her name, I can do that. If you prefer to have a 2 inch oil painting, I can do that too. Maybe you are a huge fan of poetry and short stories, I've got just the book for you. 

I tend to follow my whims and create a vast array of products. There is always something new and always something interesting.

Ja'leah new watermark.jpg

Comissioned Portrait



Miniature Painting

"Magnolia" 2" x 2" Oil painting


"Burned Soup and other uneventful things"

A Collection of Poetry, Artwork, and Mishaps